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As my stories are each posted under a category I thought I should explain a bit about what each category means.

I wrote the stories in this category with children in mind, or with children as the main protagonists. I like trying to put myself inside the mind of young children, as they are so full of possibilities.

These stories are ones where the prompt given is the ending, usually the last couple of words.

The stories in this category were all written in response to a prompt or a particular exercise, usually to try out a new point of view or voice, or sentence structure. In the process I learned a lot about how I like to write and what works well for me.

Well this is easy!
These stories are all completely make believe and often involve dragons or princesses, or both, because that is what a good fairy story should be about.

Magical Realism
I learned about this category, or genre, at a writing conference some years ago. It is where the story is set in the real world apart from one or two small things that make it magical and improbable. This is another of my favourite categories.

The stories under memoir all describe real events, but presented in a fictional way, which means I sometimes change the characters slightly and I always change the names.

These stories all started from the opening line, and seem to be the most common writing prompt.

Science Fiction
Exactly as it sounds. Stories in this category are ones with an element of possibility, but only if science catches up with the scenario. That said, many of the stories I write in this category occurred to me after reading about a discovery or speculation in the newspaper, so who knows how long we will have to wait for them to be possible.

Timed Writing
These stories often fit into one of the other categories, but I have listed them here too in order to show what can happen if you sit down with a paper and pencil, pick a topic and set the clock for ten or fifteen minutes. The trick is to write the first thing that comes into your head, which leads to some interesting and zany stories.

Truth Written as Fiction
This category is different from memoir in that it describes true events that did not happen to me. I took some from other people and some from news reports; some accurately report what happened and some embellish and expand on the truth – that’s what makes a good story!

I hope you enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed writing them.


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